Map of Denmark

If you're looking for an online map of Denmark, the interactive Google map is your best bet. For your convenience, we're embedded it into The Copenhagen Report.

If you're after a simple downloadable Denmark map, click here. Conveniently, it's in 4 languages (English, German, French, Spanish).

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Denmark lies between the 54th and 58th parallel. The country consists Jutland, the penisula to the north of Germany, and some 480 islands. Denmark shares only 1 land border, which is with Germany.

Quick Denmark facts:

Total land area: 43,000 sq,km
Population: 5.4 million
Highest point: 173 meters above sea level

Area of Jutland: 29,600 sq, km
Area of Zealand (largest island): 7015 sq,km
Area of Funen: 2,984 sq,km
Area of Lolland: 1,234 sq,km
Area of Bornholm: 588 sq,km

Total coastline: 7,314 km

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