Who is behind this?

Timothy Anderson has been a happy resident of Copenhagen since 2000 (with a couple of short breaks in the process). During that time, he has has been an intrepid explorer of the city and of Danish culture.

With numerous interests, occupations and identities, both past and present, including blogger, writer, journalist, editor, (web-)TV show presenter, entrepreneur, traveler, researcher, pitchman of countless business ideas, very amateur party DJ, father, PhD student (briefly)…oh yeah, and private jet salesman (seriously!), be assured that his take on life here is uniquely his own.

Thanks to his blog, he has contributed interviews to CNN, and been featured in The Guardian, the Danish newspaper BT, and the official Danish tourism sites Wonderful Copenhagen/Visit Copenhagen.

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Click here to read what Visit Copenhagen, the official Copenhagen tourism site, had to say about The Copenhagen Report.

Although he himself wrote the previous paragraphs, he felt that it looked better written in the 3rd person.

Contact: timothyanderson2005@gmail.com

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