Episode #65 of MyDenmarktv.com: Songwriting in Copenhagen, a job hunting website and a useful tool for comparing Internet Providers in Denmark

In the latest episode (#65) of MyDenmarkTV.com we check out The Copenhagen Songwriters Festival, suggest an free Internet provider comparison tool and suggest a good job hunting website.


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Websites and resources in this Episode:

http://www.copenhagensongwritersfestival.dk/ (Copenhagen Songwriter's Festival)

http://www.borger.itst.dk/ (A nice site to compare Internet providers in Denmark)

http://www.top1000.dk/ (A website overviewing the top 1000 Danish companies - including a nifty little job alert tool for getting the latest jobs direct to your inbox every day.)

Episode 64 of MyDenmarkTV.com: Copenhagen Fashion Week, understanding how it is to work in Denmark, consumer rights in Denmark

For Episode 64 of MyDenmarkTV.com, we checked out Copenhagen: Fashion Week (www.copenhagenfashionweek.com), and we kicked off a new segment called 'Work in Denmark', by talking about the work culture you are likely to face here. We also reviewed a website for understanding your consumer rights in Denmark (www.forbrug.dk).

Finally, we suggested a couple great events: Copenhagen Cooking (www.copenhagencooking.dk) and Copenhagen Songwriters Festival (www.copenhagensongwritersfestival.dk).


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Electronic Music and summerhouses in Denmark: Episode #63 of MyDenmarkTV.com

Last weeks episode of MyDenmarTV.com (#63) was all about the summerhouse (yes, it seems a long rainy way away from those days as I type this). In this episode, we gave a little shout out to the Strøm Festival (www.stromcph.dk), a great way to fill your evenings with electronic music for the next few days. But the real focus was on the summerhouse ...and joking around a bit. Enjoy!

Websites and resources from the Episode:

stromcph.dk (Strøm Festival)
postdanmark.dk (Postal Service of Denmark)
danskdanseteater.dk (Copenhagen Summer Dance)

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Episode #62 of MyDenmarkTV.com - Kulturhavn Festival

In Episdoe #62 of My MyDenmarkTV.com introduce the annual Cultural Harbour Festival (Kulturhavn Festival). We also show you how to use http://www.dba.dk/ (even if you don't speak Danish!), which is Denmark's #1 website for buying used stuff and finding an apartment. In our Hygge segment, we continue our focus on Green lifestyle in Denmark by meeting the Project Manager of Sustainable Cities from the Danish Architecture Center to get his view on sustainable urban development in Denmark. Enjoy!

www.kulturhavn.dk/ (Kulturhavn official website in English)

www.dba.dk/ (Online trader magazine)

www.sustainablecities.dk/ (Sustainable Cities by the Danish Architecture Center)

www.dgi.dk/ (Danish Gymnastics and Sports Associations)

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Episode 61 of MyDenmarkTV.com - Copenhagen Friday Skate, travel Denmark with ease, denmark culture is 'green', jobs for medical doctors

In Episode 61 of MyDenmarkTV.com there's a bunch of great stuff.

  • If you enjoy roller skating and love getting around the city, the every Friday April through August the Copenhagen Friday Skate happens
  • Wondering exactly where to go? Using http://www.rejseplanen.dk/ to travel Denmark makes it easy.
  • A closer examination of just how 'green' Denmark's culture is.
  • work in Denmark: jobs for medical doctors.
Enjoy!(And here's the links mentioned in the episode just below)

http://www.fns-cph.dk/ (Copenhagen Friday Night Skate)
http://www.rejseplanen.dk/ (A great website to play trips/journeys in Denmark)

http://www.laeger.dk/ (Danish Medical Association)

http://www.laegejob.dk/ (Jobs for doctors in Denmark)

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Episode #60 of MyDenmarkTV.com - Zulu Sommerbio series, summerhouses in Denmark, cycling, and a great resourse for students

In Episode #60 of MyDenmarkTV.com, we launch our new format which is a great step forward for us. Every segment has a clear purpose - Whazz up? is all about current events and happenings around the country, Made in Denmark focusses on great online and offline web resources to make your time here better - whether you are looking to travel to Denmark or work in Denmark - whether that is for a few days or a few months - or if you already live here. Hygge is a more in depth exploration of Denmark culture and even a bit about the history of Denmark. There is much more development to come, but this is a great start for us.

This time we introduce the Zulu Sommerbio series which is free and happens outdoors every summer in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Aarlborg. We also show you how to use a great summerhouse booking website, talk about cycling in Denmark, and share a great website if you are coming to Denmark as a student. All the relevant links are below. Enjoy!

http://www.zulu.tv2.dk/ (Zulu Sommerbio series. Check out for more info)
http://www.novasol.dk/ (A website to rent summer cottage houses.)

http://www.bogpriser.dk/ (A great website to compare prices on books in Denmark)

http://www.dcf.dk/ (Danish Cyclist Union)

http://www.studenterguiden.dk/ (A portal StudenterGuiden - a good resource for students)

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Catching up part 1: Episode 59 of MyDenmarkTV.com...Ice cream!

Time to catch up on a few episodes I haven't posted largely owing to the summer holiday season. Episode #59 of MyDenmarkTV.com is the last episode before we launched our new format. The great summer theme of ice cream in Copenhagen was the topic. Enjoy!

Episode # 59 - MyDenmarkTV.com from MyDenmarkTV on Vimeo.

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