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Well, that's about it for The Copenhagen Report for the next few months until I'm back in Copenhagen - there is one or two other little posts that I may get to posting that I didn't have time for, and any other updates if news trickles through from my various friends in Copenhagen that I will post, but otherwise, check out my travelling blogsite - http://www.sunsandsnorkelling.blogspot.com as Elisabeth and I make our way to Shanghai via Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. I will get a Shanghai blog up and running once I get there, so keep your eye on The Copenhagen Report for more info!


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  1. AL Shaw says:


    I am seeking information. in 1966 I visited COPENHAGEN as a GI from Germany,there were carts on the street selling hot dogs, the best Ive ever eatten, is there any way you can tell me the ingredients,it consisted of tasty mustard and onions and suculant wienner, any help would be appracited. Is the casanova and dixie bars still around?

    sycamore says:

    Cool blog. Quite Informative

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