On a more classical note

Martynas Svegzda von Bekker (violin) and Indre Baikstyte (piano) at Copenhagen's Odd Fellow Palaeet

Yesterday was Lithuania's national holiday, a fact that would have entirely escaped my attention (as it has every other year until now) accept for the fact that Elisabeth and I were invited to a delightful little piano and violin performance put on by the Lithuanian Embassy in Copenhagen, in celebration of this fact.

Since the last entry on this blog discussing music in Copenhagen was about the underground electonic music scene, I figured a little entry pertaining to a performance of classical music in Copenhagen would make for a nice juxtaposition.

For those with an interest in classical music, the concert featured two classically trained Lithuanian performers, Martynas Svegzda von Bekker (on violin) and Indre Baikstyte (on piano).

For more about a previous performance featuring these two, read this little article, which pretty much encapsulates my feelings about yesterdays performance as well.

To add my two cents (ahem, I mean kroner, since we're in Denmark), as a non-violin player and a person with an admittedly passive interest in classical music, I can simply say that aside from the majestic asthetic and emotional beauty of the performance
- which was something in itself to behold - on the technical side of things I certainly learned something yesterday. Martynas Svegzda von Bekker is capable of feats of technical prowess on the violin that I was unaware were even possible. It is indeed both awe-inspiring yet oddly daunting to witness a performance featuring such a rare force of talent.

Enough said.

For those with a deeper interest in classical music, highlights of yesterdays performance included Henryk Weniawski's 'Variations on an Original Theme op. 15' and Maurice Ravel's 'Tsigane'.

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