Sweet Danish strawberries for all...

The fickle weather of Denmark means that one never really knows from day to day, month to month, and - in the case of spring crops like strawberries - one year to the next, just how things are going to be. Enough sun in the spring will lead to a bumper crop of sweet strawberries ready for harvesting in early June. Not enough sun (all too often in this cloudy country) will leave them a bit sour and behind schedule.

This spring, with the strawberry season upon us thanks to all the sunny warm weather, there is nothing to worry about. The strawberries are sweet and there is no shortable of them. And they're being harvested even earlier than usual this year - the season has been going strong for about 3 weeks now.

Hence all the delicious strawberry tarts for sale these days (and even tastier homemade ones, like this one...).

1 Response to "Sweet Danish strawberries for all..."

  1. Russell says:

    The strawberries from Super Best are fantastic at the moment. I recently had some at an office-warming party and was surprised to learn they were from the supermarket around the corner.

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