Sjaelland's Odde: The smell of sea air, all the fish you could want...and a bit of Danish design history

by: Tim Anderson (

The lack of mountains in Denmark has always been a minor point of contention for me (or as one friend of mine put it, 'a real country has mountains'). That said, a 'real country' should also have sea - preferably a lot of it. And Denmark certainly has that.

There are no shortage of places in Denmark to get a good look at it - along with a whiff of deliciously salty sea air.

On the other hand as you watch the sea someplace or other in Denmark, if you are hungry, haven't brought your own lunch and are looking for more than a questionable Danish pølser (hot dog) to fill your stomach with as the sea breeze sweeps through your hair, well, the choices do drop off a bit.

However, one option that can be counted on, would be Odden Havn (Odden Harbour) up on Sjællands Odde. It's not quite
just another of the charming but countless Danish harbour towns that exist.

Aside from the pleasant harbour, as home to unpretentious
Odden Fisk (Odde Fish), a wonderfully designed pier to wander along, and being only stone's throw (if you've got a good arm...) from one of Denmark's famous design relics - the fiskerøgeri (fish smoke house) from 1943 of (deceased) Danish designer Arne Jacobsen - it makes for a pleasant afternoon car trip.

the exterior doesn't give a hint of the magnificent fish and fish dishes being sold inside...

maybe the funkiest pier in Denmark...walking encouraged naturally

Arne Jacobsen's iconic smoked fish factory today...

Arne's smoke house back in the day (circa 1943)

And the scenery around Sjaellands Odde is well worth the drive, at least on a sunny day.

an iconic image of Denmark...

But oh, those tasty fish! And it's most definitely a place to stop if you're on your way to the ferry to Jutland, the one departing from the tip of Sjaellands Odde.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i am writing from Japan.
    My hasband and kid plan to go Copenhagen this coming May.
    Your site is really helpful especially repoting about foods.
    This is sizzling! Can we get thise kinda foods city of Copenhagen?

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