...and now for something complete different*

...like a little bit of history. It struck me recently that this blog has all but eschewed history. Copenhagen's history. Denmark's history. Or to put it another way, in the world of The Copenhagen Report, Danish history began around September 2004. Or to put it still another way, this blog is seriously stuck in the present. (Well, there was that recent link to that excellent clip about the smiley vikings...)

This is odd for a couple reasons. One being that Denmark has a rich (and in some aspects, rather widely known...) history tumbling way way back, century upon century. The second is that the author's girlfriend, being a history student, thoroughly enjoys wading around in the dark annals of Danmark's past...which makes the author, at times, feel that he deserves an honorary degree in the subject as well.

So the other day I was introduced to the blog of one Jacob Christensen, who was kind enough to write a short entry linking to a couple of my posts (always appreciated, thanks!). Consequently, I got to reading a few of his (often very entertaining) entries and I couldn't resist a reciprocal link back to this amusing post of his, about grievous blunders in Danish history
(which thereby indirectly adds a little a bit of historical depth to this site - a nice bonus).

Now let's see what else we can write about then brand with the 'history' label in the coming weeks and months. Enough said.

So that was something completely different...or at least a little bit.

*(Gratuitous) Monty Python reference candidly acknowledged...

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