Spring arrives in Copenhagen...well, sort of...

Sunshine. Shades. Outdoor cafes. Blankets. Gloves. Winter parkas. Hmmm, it must be Springtime...in Copenhagen. A moment in time captured Saturday afternoon in front of Illum on the main walking street, Stoget (that is Støget, to be perfectly correct).

3 Response to "Spring arrives in Copenhagen...well, sort of..."

  1. Jacob says:

    Actually it is named Strøget "the straight" if you want to be
    perfectly correct

    It is the longest pedestrian shopping area in Europe.

    source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Str%C3%B8get

    Tim says:

    Actually, I've always been highly skeptical of that claim that Strøget is the longest shopping street in Europe...nice line, and one the tourist office in Copenhagen has every reason to hang on to, but of course it's difficult if not impossible to prove or disprove...and let's face it, pretty much every major city (and a lot of not so major ones) in Europe have lengthy pedestrian shopping streets or comparable length. So there's nothing terribly remarkable about Copenhagen's by comparison...

    I've been wondering about that too, as partial to it as I am. Munich seemed to have a very long one too.

    I love the blankets though. It's sort of like *forcing* spring, 'Come on, get a move on and arrive'. But, I'm loving this light!

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