Love your Eurovision...

Okay, this post comes a bit late but who cares (as I mentioned recently, too much sun these days to be posting very regularly). So the annual Eurovision Song Contest (or 'Melodi Grand Pris' in Danish) has come and gone. No 'Fly on the Wings of Love' this year for Denmark, the song that won it a few years back for this country.

But I did really enjoy the French entry this year, which a friend pointed me to (it also didn't win). This is actually a very non-Eurovision song, by a very cool non-Eurovision artist, who made a great non-Eurovision style video for the song.

Sebestien Tellier's Divine - enjoy! (I still am...)

3 Response to "Love your Eurovision..."

  1. Anonymous says:

    Agree! That was the only worthwhile entry, so laid back and refreshing.

    Fuzzy says:

    I really liked his entry as well. It was really decent pop!

    Anonymous says:

    And it was in English... quelle horreur!

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