How f*&king hard can it be to buy a bottle of contact lens solution in Copenhagen??!!

Actually, the answer is 'quite bloody difficult!' In fact, really f%#king difficult!

You see, for some reason only opticians in Copenhagen sell contact lens solution. Now, why Matas, for example, purveyors of a wide range of shampoos, body lotions, perfumes, and plenty of other more or less useful personal items, doesn't also sell contact lens solution has always been beyond me.

Okay then. Fine. Need contact lens solution, head for the optical shop.

Oops! Turns out the all friendly neighbourhood eye glass shops close at 17.30 on weekdays in my neighbourhood!! 17.30!! Is it too much to ask for just 1 lousy hour between 17.00-18.00 to shop every day??!! What the f&%k!?! It's like these shops are doing everything possible to avoid customers!
Outside of the center of Copenhagen they close at 14.00 on Saturday. And of course, try not to run out Saturday night since on Sundays shops in Copenhagen are annoyingly closed.

How can something so simple be so complicated?
I've been trying and failing to get a a simple bottle of contact lens solution all week, but it seems my schedule is not quite aligned with that of the sellers of contact lens solution in Copenhagen!!!

But I believe in myself. I believe anything is possible. So I'm sure tomorrow I'll succeed...well, I'm pretty sure...

Thanks for dropping by, but as it's 17.45 we'd rather not have your business.

5 Response to "How f*&king hard can it be to buy a bottle of contact lens solution in Copenhagen??!!"

  1. sharjeel says:

    Exactly the same problem, only that I am looking for lenses (I destroyed them last week) .. No luck :(

    sharjeel says:

    could you suggest some good optics shop in zone 1 or 2?

    Anonymous says:

    Hi there
    I hope you don't mind me asking, but I'm very curious, how much did the solution cost? I'm afraid I'm going to have to hunt some down tomorrow... & your post will save me a few steps...

    Tim says:

    Around 40 to 60 kroner a bottle, depending on the brand and size...

    Anonymous says:

    thank you

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