Episode #62 of MyDenmarkTV.com - Kulturhavn Festival

In Episdoe #62 of My MyDenmarkTV.com introduce the annual Cultural Harbour Festival (Kulturhavn Festival). We also show you how to use http://www.dba.dk/ (even if you don't speak Danish!), which is Denmark's #1 website for buying used stuff and finding an apartment. In our Hygge segment, we continue our focus on Green lifestyle in Denmark by meeting the Project Manager of Sustainable Cities from the Danish Architecture Center to get his view on sustainable urban development in Denmark. Enjoy!

www.kulturhavn.dk/ (Kulturhavn official website in English)

www.dba.dk/ (Online trader magazine)

www.sustainablecities.dk/ (Sustainable Cities by the Danish Architecture Center)

www.dgi.dk/ (Danish Gymnastics and Sports Associations)

Episode # 62 - MyDenmarkTV.com from MyDenmarkTV on Vimeo.

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