Tina Dickow - Copenhagen

I'm a big fan of Tina Dickow - I'd go as far as saying she is one of my favourite Danish musicians. Her songs tend to grab you after a couple of listens ...and then you just can't get it out of your head. Sometimes the first listen gives you completely the wrong impression, because her melodies are so often so simple, yet they are incredible and powerful - it just takes a couple listens for them to sink in.

She recently debuted her new song "Copenhagen" on Anders Lund Madsen's 'Det Nye Talkshow'. I have to admit I thought the lyrics were a bit cheesey the first time I heard them, but after seeing a few friends linking to the clip I gave it a second listen ...and there you have it again, her songs inevitably grab you.

And hey, it's about my beloved Copenhagen!

1 Response to "Tina Dickow - Copenhagen"

  1. Anonymous says:

    I like Tina too, Tim. But the 100% white girls choir is not a Copenhagen that I recognize. Or what?


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