Kulturnatten in Copenhagen (and more): From Flash mobs to sweet deals - all in Episode 73 of MyDenmarkTV.com

We made it to Kulturnatten in Copenhagen for this episode (#73) of MyDenmarkTV.com - and I have to say this is one of my favourite episodes - lots of action. Sabine put together a gruelling programme for the team - and they managed it with style (and a smile - check out the episode to see exactly how Sabine's smile can open locked doors). Culture Night (Kulturnatten) is the annual October evening in Copenhagen dedicated to Danish culture, as the streets are flooded with people as the shops and more importantly museums and cultural and political institutions across the city throw open their doors to the public.

Once again proving our street culture credibility, we caught up with a flash mob at Hovedbanegaard (Copenhagen Central Station) - as if Street Dining in Episode 72 wasn't enough), then headed over to Black Diamond to watch some cannon shots, and finally ended up at the Copenhagen prison.

We uncover a truly money saving resource called www.sweetdeal.dk - which is well worth signing up for in order to get unique offers to your inbox regularly - each worth 50% off (as a minimum).

To top it all off, we interview the main organizer behind the Gay and Lesbian Film festival. And as a bonus we throw in a couple of apartment rental tips, and equally importantly tell you about an organisation called Lejernes LO (www.llo.dk) that can help you deal with a misbehaving landlord (I can speak from personal experience using this organisation, regarding this issue.


Episode # 73 - MyDenmarkTV.com from MyDenmarkTV on Vimeo.

Links in this Episode:

www.kulturnatten.dk (Kulturnatten or Culturenight 2010)
www.cglff.dk (Copenhagen Gay & Lesbian Film Festival)
www.travelblogexchange.com (Use Discount Code HANS2010 for TBEX Europe - Nov 4-6, 2010)
www.sweetdeal.dk (Good bargains in Copenhagen and Aarhus)
www.llo.dk (Lejernes LO - for consultations if any problems with a lanlord)

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