Bicycles here, there and everywhere...

As anybody who lives in Denmark, or has visited the country well knows, there are few places more bicycle friendly than Denmark. Not surprisingly, cycling is the primary means of transportation for a huge number of people in the country - particularly in Copenhagen.

But it's not just Copenhagen.

This past weekend I was out in the countryside, about 45 minutes north of Copenhagen - I'd brought along my bicycle on the train so I would have a means to get to where I was going once I reached the closest train station. I was amazed at what I found. Not only was there a sizable bicycle path taking me directly to my destination from the train station (this was not the surprising part), as I cycled towards my destination I couldn't believe my eyes when I came to a 'roundabout' in the middle of the cycle path, where the path intersected another. It was a 'roundabout' constructed entirely for bicycles!

2 Response to "Bicycles here, there and everywhere..."

  1. Anonymous says:

    Where is the roundabout? I would like to show it to my foreign friends ... :)

    Tim says:

    It's in Hørseholm - just get off the train at Kokkedal station and head south on the bike path towards Rungsted Kyst station - about 300-500 meters from Kokkedal :-)

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