Notable spots to grab a cup of java in Copenhagen...

...'Verdens Mindste Kaffebar' ('The World's Smallest Coffee Bar)

Copenhagen is at its best when it is at its quirkiest. And there are few quirkier establishments then 'Verdens Mindste Kaffebar' - 'The World's Smallest Coffee Bar'. Located on the little known street in Vesterbro called Tullinsgade (which runs of the more well-known streets, Vaernedamsvej). There's room for about 2 people inside (or 4 squeezed).

Drop by if you need a shot of caffeine. Or on a nice day, if you're in the mood for a game of table tennis - on a miniature table, naturally.

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  1. I'm a Canadian, with a husband whose background is Danish. I've never been to Copenhagen, but it looks beautiful.
    Both my husband and I have embraced the Danish culture as much as we can. We eat Danish lunches with Tuborg beer and snitters and Aqvavit. We invite friends over to enjoy it with us. We light lots of candles and watch Danish movies and try to decorate our eclectic home in a somewhat Scandinavian style (although I can't bring myself to paint the turquoise walls white). I added your blidget to my blog Stop by and read some of my fun verse and drop me a line! Your blog is so nicely composed and both my husband and I are enjoying it.

    Kathleen Mortensen

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