Bankerot: Like a strange dream (including brunch)

Dark, dingy and crowded. And fully of wacky, tacky adornments. Now that's the formula for a successful cafe, wouldn't you agree? Well, alright, if you throw in excellent and affordable brunches served late into the afternoon, very reasonably priced dished served during the rest of the day, a decent selection of beers extending well beyond Carlsberg and Tuborg and plenty of cosy corners to squeeze into to, it just might be enough.

Apparently it's worked for Bankerot (on Nansensgade) which is certainly one of my favourite 'stand-by's' in Copenhagen. Maybe not the place to hang out on a sunny summer day, or for that matter any other sunny day falling something during the rest of the year, but given how relatively few of those there are anyway, it still leaves a lot of days that are just about perfectly suited for an hour or two at Bankerot.

If it was just about the food and drink, Bankerot would be just another cafe in Copenhagen (though still notable for its reasonable prices). But it's not really the food and drink that sets Bankerot apart. It's more about the ambiance.

Describing Bankerot is not unlike describing a kind of weird dream you recently had, or a strange scene from a low budget sci-fi flick. It would go something like, "so I sitting drinking a beer and there was this bear looking over my shoulder the whole time...really...then I went to the bathroom and there were all these naked people watching me taking a piss, but that was cool, along with a severed head and a strange goat man who sort of welcomed everyone into the toilets as they wandered by...". And so on.

You get the idea...maybe. If you're looking for a place to drink a beer or coffee while reading the newspaper or chatting with a friend or two, or just want to grab a simple meal, check it out.

Yes, I'm enjoying the company of this bear, uh, I mean beer!

My friends just call me Mr. Goat....

'Please flush the toilet...'

2 Response to "Bankerot: Like a strange dream (including brunch)"

  1. zlamushka says:

    Hi there,
    I was just googling the address, since I havent been there in ages and forgot where it was. Thanks for the tip, off to my favorite brunch place :-)

    Ellen Mc. says:

    I used to love this place when I lived in Coppy. The Seal in biker leathers, is it still staring wistfully out from its glass case. Also the 'shop'/studio was around the corner, Spanish ladies with birds heads all looking like some Max Ernst nightmare. Sadly, it was never open, I always wanted to go in. Very dark and very inspiring. Thank you for this reminder.

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