A little promise from the Editor

Any reports of the death of The Copenhagen Report you may have heard (or more likely imagined) are greatly exaggerated, I can personally assure you. The Copenhagen Report will return in full force later in August...well, maybe partial force if the weather is good.

There has been good reason for a lack of articles. A vacation to Canada for two weeks for the first part of July, followed by a little assignment that has seen your correspondent working as Event Journalist covering a sailing race around the Baltic Sea (www.balticsprintcup.com, if you're curious to read all about it...) have meant my time in Copenhagen in July has been a grand total of 3 days.


1 Response to "A little promise from the Editor"

  1. Bluefish says:

    Hi, I'm a Canadian who is marrying a Dane. I plan to move to Denmark once I finish my studies. I saw your interview on CNN and would like to congratulate you for the interview. Take care.

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