Grabbing just a tiny ray of Connie Neilsen's limelight...

It's a bit frustrating that I just haven't had time these last few weeks for this blog, but as I promised, that will change soon.

In the meantime, perhaps this interview I did with CNN International about life in Copenhagen in connection with one of their shows, My City_My life could be of interest.

It's not often that you get to share the stage with Connie Neilsen, somewhat metaphorically in this case, and I certainly couldn't ask for anymore publicity for this blog than this!

3 Response to "Grabbing just a tiny ray of Connie Neilsen's limelight..."

  1. Well done - and I think you answered perfectly :) I love the description of CPH as a person - very true.

    Anonymous says:

    Cool article! Better keep up the work on the blog once you get flooded with new visitors/subscribers haha :P

    Anonymous says:

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