Copenhagen Distortion Festival 2010 is coming...

Every year I look forward to the first few days of June when the Copenhagen Distortion Festival hits the streets. This year it's from June 2-6, 2010. If you are living in a hole or a similar dark space in Copenhagen and somehow missed the party in the past few years, understand that in 2009 there were over 60 events attended by nearly 40,000. It really is a hell of a party - though obviously the weather has a big impact on how it all plays out. My personal favourite 2 days are the Nørrebro and Vesterbro street parties, which I never miss if I can help it.

We're filming an episode of in during Nørrebro Distortion on Thursday, and we've even lined up an interview Mr. Distortion himself, Thomas Fleurquin, who is the mastermind behind the whole thing - from when it was a tiny little bit of madness attended by a select few party people back in 2001 to now. I'm really looking forward to chatting with him about it.

Do yourself a favour and check out the party at least one of the nights.

June 2 - Center of city
June 3 - Nørrebro
June 4 - Vesterbro
June 5 - Final Party
June 6 - Chill out in the park

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