A date with some delicious beer - Espisode #50 of MyDenmarkTV.com

This week was all about the beer in Episode #50 of MyDenmarkTV.com. We spent a few hours at the annual Copenhagen Beer Festival (Øl Festival) that happened last week.

Episode #50 - MyDenmarkTV.com from MyDenmarkTV on Vimeo.

So let me make a few quick comments about this episode.

Firstly, I think this was my favourite episode so far, and not just because of the beer. We've been working hard to bring our production and editing up to the next level, and I think this episode truly succeeded. Of course, that also demands something of the hosts to make it possible, and we're trying!

Secondly, I've become a huge fan of Danish beer over the years - and I am not talking about Carlsberg. There are many Danish micro-breweries these days producing more and better beer than ever. If you ask me, by far the best one we tasted during this episode was Bøgedal, which is brewed in the most low-tech manner possible, making each batch unique. It really was something else to taste, so it wasn't just the lack of technology in the production that made it special. I'll definitely be returning to the beer festival next year.

Hope you enjoy!

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