Ahem! Cue the answers, please...

A while back, I offered a few of my own Danish cultural knowledge questions, hoping to help out those responsible for making up questions for the government's latest cultural initiative, the Danish Citizenship Test - a that all prospective Danes will soon have to take in order to be granted Danish citizenship.

It seems that since then, a few people have been thinking about the questions - including the guys over at YIE who wrote a little post about my alternative test and linked to it, and of course Shortcut, who published the 'cultural test' article as well. Very nice, indeed!

To help them out (and any others stumped by these important Danish cultural questions), here's the answers:

1. Name five sunny, holiday destinations abroad served by discount airlines flying out of Kastrup Lufthavn (Copenhagen airport)?

(there's plenty to choose from) I recommend www.whichbudget.com to get you started.

2. Name 3 Danish websites where you can book last minutes package holidays to these sunny southern vacation spots?

Again, where to begin! As before, start at www.whichbudget.com to find an appropriate discount airline site, then maybe check out www.mytravel.dk, http://www.travelmarket.dk/ for some last minute deals. But knowing what to google in Danish is the real key, isn't it? Try 'somer ferierejser' (summer vacation travel).

3. Describe how to make a proper 'Danish smørrebrod' of your own with any three or four ingredients.

Let's go with a Danish classic here: a slice of rugbrød (danish dark rye bread), sliced frikadeller (meat balls), and some 'rødkål' (marinated red cabbage). Another good option would be: a slice of rugbrød, fiskefillet (breaded fish fillet), some remoulade and a slice of lemon.

4. Is the number '13' an unlucky number in Denmark, or does it mean something else to many people - for example, students?

It's not bad luck at all! 13 is the highest grade you can get on an assignment, exam or class in Denmark.

5. Name three Danish beers that can be bought at the supermarket for under 3 kroner per bottle?

Once again, choice abounds! My personal preferences would be Harboe or Ceres - but Dansk Pilsner could be a nearly palatable substitute in a (cash) pinch.

6. Name two different supermarket chains that sell these cheap beers?

It's gotta be Netto or Fakta.

7. If you are having a loud and late party in your apartment and the police show up at your door at 4 AM, what can they do about it?

Nothing!! All they can do is ask you to shut your windows, but they can't stop the party - or even ask you to turn the music down!

8. It's 3AM in the morning. Where can you buy a pølse (hot dog)?

Take a few steps over to the nearest pølservogn (hot dog cart) or step into 7-11.

9. It's 5AM in the morning. Where can you buy a pølse (hot dog)?

Probably few pølservogn's still to be found on the streets - or just stagger into 7-11.

10. It's 8AM in the morning. Where can you buy a pølse (hot dog)?

No pølservogn's on the street at this hour, but after stumbling out of one of those early hour bodega's, 7-11 will still be able to satisfy your craving.

11. Can you ever NOT buy a pølse (hot dog) in Denmark? (Yes/No)

No way - you can always get one! 7-11 is 24/365 and they never turn off the grill!

12. If it wasn't for the fruit and vegetable shop around the corner, it would be impossible to get fruit and vegetables after ___PM on weekdays, and ___PM on Saturday.

8 PM weekdays, 5 PM on Saturdays.

13. The guy who runs the fruit and vegetable shop around the corner is not from Denmark, he is from __________.

Turkey (specifically either Konya or 'Kurdistan')

14. If you are white and/or from a 'western' country and you already meet the other criteria for being awarded Danish citizenship, will anybody actually bother to grade your Danish Cultural Test? (Yes/No)

Ha! I seriously doubt it!

Hope that helped everyone! ;-)

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  1. Evgeny says:

    I have thoughts about moving to Denmark, looks like the labour shortage is a really daunting problem there.
    The blog is really nice, after browsing through it for a couple of minutes, I'm sure it will become my most popular web site in case I'm moving)
    Carry on! )

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