Uh, did anybody remember the marshmellows? Hey! What the...

Sorry, one last (amusing) Ungdomshuset post. I just couldn't resist.

When I received this video from my friend Marcin, who witnessed this little altercation nearby Ungdomshuset last Friday (and wrote a nice summary of it which I published in a previous entry) during the so-called 'riots', I had to take the opportunity to upload it to YouTube so I could make a post of it.

This one pretty much speaks for itself - some people really deserve what they get, let's just say. In the case of this rather clued-out fellow and his friend, well, I almost for sorry for them. Almost.

Marcin notes that in spite of appearances, the situation during the 'riots' (including during the filming of this little video) couldn't have been more controlled and 'safe'. People were gathered around watching the one or two young people feeding the flames of protest, in this case not only metaphorically.


For more about the Ungdomshuset events you can read about media coverage of the story here, the peaceful demonstrations and what the whole mess was about here, and what an eye-witness saw during the 'riots' here).

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