A night of the rock stars: The Sounds and Under The Influence Of Giants in Copenhagen

The Sounds - struttin' their stuff at Vega in Copenhagen

As I've mentionned before, there is nothing better than having a good, loud, guitar driven rock band to watch in the middle of the work week to liven things up a bit.

Last night at Vega in Copenhagen, a fairly excitable crowd witnessed an outstanding performance by The Sounds, from Sweden, and Under The Influence of Giants, from California.

In a way, the concert was something of a throwback. A true rock 'n roll show.

Both bands have evidently earned Master's degrees at the University of Rock 'n roll (or are well on their way to doing so), with the stage presence of the lead singer in each band more than worthy of the moniker 'rock star'. If any of the numerous performers who could be counted among the Gods of Rock had witnessed last nights performances - one of those performers who has wandered through the hallowed halls of rock 'n roll stardom - they would have surely nodded their heads approvingly.

And when The Sounds lead singer Maja Ivarsson - one of those lead singers who really is quite easy on the eyes - started stage diving, well really, what more could you ask for?

I would happily check either of these bands out again, next time they come around. And particularly in the case of The Sounds, given they are from the country just across the channel, I'm sure they will.

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