Aha! Gotcha!

An oddly satisfying moment occurred a couple nights ago coming home on the metro from visiting some friends out in Amager. Satisfying because it proved that even in Denmark, a place where there is a bureaucratic process for everything and, more importantly, a person responsible for overseeing each of these processes (and making sure every one is followed correctly and in a timely manner) - oversights do happen.

Even lapses and oversights that would no doubt be considered rather serious by those of a more bureaucratically-oriented disposition (which is certainly not me). In fact, this one could even be given the onimous sounding classification of a safety issue.

at Lergravsparken Metro station an elevator inspection date had actually passed without the scheduled inspection occurring. You heard it here first.

It's reassuring knowing that even in Denmark the bureaucrats and inspectors are human. Oh, and we opted to take the elevator, anyway.

better hurry up with that inspection boys, March 19 is coming up...LAST MONTH!!

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