Feist concert in Copenhagen cancelled - damn! (to be rescheduled...)

I was rather disappointed when I received an email in my inbox today informing me that the Feist concert in Copenhagen tomorrow (that I was supposed to attend) has been cancelled.

Last time Feist played in Copenhagen, she put on a great performance - it was a sold out show at Lille Vega for 300 people of so. This one was supposed to be at Store Vega in front of an even larger (and again sold out) crowd...apparently it will be rescheduled.

About Feist.

Feist is one of those artists that just grows on you. It doesn't take long. She writes brilliant songs that are seductively simple. Her voice is utterly unique and her videos, though relatively simple productions, have this compelling quality about them that just kind of grabs you. Just like her concerts.

My first introduction to Feist was about 3 years ago, one of those seemingly random happy coincidences that occurs from time to time. While passing through Calgary during a visit to Canada in 2004, Feist just happened to be playing a concert in town that night. I'd never heard of her, but a friend we were visiting there was a big Feist fan, and he suggested we go.

As it happened, Feist actually grew up in Calgary, though at that time she was relatively unknown - there and in the rest of Canada. She first gained a measure of popularity in France and England and a few other countries around Europe, before people back in her home country began to catch on to her. So all of this made for an excellent backdrop for an introduction to Feist's music.

Here's her latest video from her new album (The Reminder) for
one two three four. It's almost like a dream which fluttered into reality from some deeper subconscious level. It's just so damn uplifting, you gotta smile watching it.

And here's a video from her last album (Let It Die), another catchy song called one evening.

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