Denmark: That country of shiny happy people (actually the happiest in Europe?)

So that's it, Danes are the happiest in Europe according to this recently released survey (or at least according to this recently released survey). Really. It's true. The statistics tell the story.

From The

Still, if you ask the average Dane how they feel about this idea, they will almost universally scoff at the notion. The feeling is generally that things could always be better.

However if you ask me, well, I think it could well be true.

Naturally there is always one thing or another could be improved. The amusing thing is that in Denmark, whatever your particular quibble, there's probably somebody already looking into it, working diligently to change things. And you can probably find their phone number and email address. And they'll almost surely get get back to you (and promptly) if you drop them a message. And this kind tends to soothe those frazzled nerves that result from trying to get to the bottom of one frustrating issue or other you happen to be dealing with.

And whenever my life is affected by the diligence of others (and it certainly does happen), it does makes me happy to be here.

But the surveyors already knew all this, of course.

(Or check out this related BBC news story about all the happy people in Denmark.)

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