Friday night at Tivoli (with The Flaming Lips)

One of the best deals out there for a night of entertainment happens on a Friday night at Tivoli Gardens - the amusement park in the center of Copenhagen. Well, not just any Friday, but some of them. In case you live in Copenhagen, but under a rock, every week Tivoli hosts a Friday concert ("Fridagsrock") series, where for the price of admission you get a 'free' open air concert. And every now and then a major international act turns up - such as this past week - along with plenty of worthwhile Scandinavian names the rest of the weeks. Admittedly, not every one of them is exactly worth the price of admission, and there are times when Tivoli's lousy sound system can be problematic. But if you get yourself into the right position, and the band has decent sound guys, it can be pretty damn good.

This past Friday The Flaming Lips rolled into town and played a Friday concert at Tivoli. It was an impressive performance, to say the least, as The Flaming Lips take their stage show pretty seriously...well, sort of. Maybe seriously is the wrong word for a band that plays a nearly 2 hour show with a bunch of Teletubbies dancing along beside them. Yes, Yoshimi Battled the Pink Robots. Do you realize? Enough said.

Yoshima battles the pink robots...

Do you realize?

3 Response to "Friday night at Tivoli (with The Flaming Lips)"

  1. Her name is Yoshimi (not YoshimA) She's a bleck belt in karate...

    Anonymous says:

    Aw man when I was there all we got was an old retired Danish 'rocker' from the 80s.

    Also I was surprised at how much the Danes are willing to spend on booze there, huge line ups even though as I vaguely recall a cup of beer was at least 45=50DKK or so?

    Tim says:

    Thanks firsedigteren - mistake fixed.
    kylefeelgood-Danish rocker? You're not talking about the Flaming Lips this past week...I totally agree with you that there are a lot of BAD Friday night Tivoli concerts that fit your description! I still think for the rare good Friday night concerts (1-2 a year, at most) it's a deal (without the beer), and about the only time I would consider going to Tivoli ;-)

    I was actually going to mention the beer in that post - overpriced and inconvenient - you need to pay cash and there are barely any ATM at Tivoli. It's practically the only place in DK where you need to pay cash! I couldn't believe it!

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