Bringing the farm to Nørrebro

the small fruit and veg market at Israel Plads in Copenhagen...

A new farmer's market is set to open later this month (May 26) in Nørrebro (around Jaegersborggade between Kronborggade and Stefansgade). The market - not a big one, just a small handful of stands - will be open Saturday's from 10.00 - 14.00.

Copenhagen is not a place where you find people going to the market to shop for fruit and vegetables. Or perhaps the real problem is that farmer's markets that have never embraced Copenhagen. Either way, it's too bad. Shopping for fresh fruit and vegetables, and various other gastronomic pleasures like tasty cheeses and various preserves and so forth, is one of the underrated joys in life, if you ask me.

At present, the best bet is the fruit, vegetable and flower market just behind Nørrebro Station, at Israel Plads, which is open daily.

Perhaps the lack of popularity of farmer's markets in Copenhagen has something to do with the weather. Perhaps it has something to do with Denmark's relatively limited growing season. Or perhaps it's a symptom of Danish food culture in general, which is still somewhat underdeveloped relative to many of Denmark's European cousins, particularly in the more southern regions of Europe.

Danish farmers do produce some excellent produce. Farms on the island of Samsø, during the summer months (a 1 hour ferry ride from Kalundborg), sell some of Denmark's finest fresh fruit and vegetables. Cycling around the island on a sunny day and stopping off at the various roadside stands around the island will provide plenty of inspiration for a tasty summer meal. Without having to take a ferry, numerous roadside stands found in front of farms in the countryside from Slagelse up to Ny Købing are just as good, selling plenty of fresh produce.

The new farmer's market in Nørrebro will hopefully bring some of it a little closer to Copenhagen.

Thanks to Isabel at Eyes Wide Shut for the tip on this one.

the flower market at Israel Plads...

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  1. Isabel says:

    yes! like those lovely, tasty and sweet Danish strawberries

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