The pedestrians of Copenhagen: (maybe) faster than speeding bullets

by: Tim Anderson (

According to research by the British Council, Copenhagen is home to the second fastest walkers in the world. That is, on average, people walk very quickly. Who would have guessed it?

Yet, somehow I find myself a bit skeptical of this claim. So I got to thinking, maybe, just maybe there is an explanation for these findings - one on 2 wheels.

See, what if the researchers - overzealous to cover a wide range of walking spaces around the city - without realising it managed set up there measurement equipment in such a way that, though managing to avoid clocking car traffic speeds, actually ended up clocking not only pedestrians walking, but also bicycle speeds as well? No way, you sayy! Weeeeell....

Maybe, just
maybe, while setting up their measurement devices they got confused and thought many of the bike lanes were actually sidewalks. After all, unlike in most cities, there are bike lanes lining virtually every street in Copenhagen (and not only sidewalks). That would certainly jack up the speed statistics some, wouldn't it?

Could it have happened? Naaaaaw....well, maybe...


1 Response to "The pedestrians of Copenhagen: (maybe) faster than speeding bullets"

  1. belle80 says:

    Ha, yes I was skeptical when I read that! I thought perhaps danes had longer legs in general, or, there was no congestion, but really, they have some strange way of measuring it

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