Pirates in Copenhagen...

Normally a little late when it comes to international film releases, Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End opened yesterday in Denmark, for once in line with it's release elsewhere around the world. All to often there are long delays from when major international films are first released in the U.S., Canada, and the UK, before they finally make it to Denmark (almost as if the major film companies are tacitly endorsing illegal downloading in Denmark...).

Anyway, we went this evening - I don't need to say much about the film, you know basically what to expect if you've seen the first two - and who hasn't? Because let's face it - if you are one of those dry types who just couldn't find a way to get a kick out of Johnny Depp's portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow in the previous two installments (even if, like me, you're not normally particularly keen on Hollywood movies) well mate, no point going to see this one either. Savvy? For the record,
At World's End was excellent in all the ways one would expect such a movie to be excellent - though it is kind of a shame it was left so wide open for a fourth chapter.

Arriving at Imperial Cinema to watch the movie (far and away the best cinema to see such Hollywood films in Copenhagen) one thing did catch me by surprise: I had no idea that there was a whole 'pirate' cult thing emerging in the wake of
Pirates of the Caribbean. Seriously, there were quite a number of 'pirates' in the audience at Imperial. Many complete with plastic swords. Is it just Denmark?

If I had a better mobile phone, the pictures I tried to take of a few of them might have actually been worth posting. Instead, you just have to take my word for it - the 'pirates' really were out last night in, well, all the force they could muster.

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