Target practise, anyone?

'There seems to be an unusually large concentration of bicycles along Vesterbrogade today, we're going to check it out. Over and out.'

Those regular readers may have noted that I occasionally direct a few derogatory comments at TV2 News, Denmark's 24 hour news channel (that just went into operation a few months ago).

As I am involuntarily subjected to this channel for several hours each day at work, I have a pretty good idea at this point how the operate. For example, there was the recent extensive coverage of the Crown Prince and Princess putting their son into daycare for the first time, which extended on for several hours. I'm not kidding.

TV2 News also managed to buy themselves a helicopter, the first news operation in Denmark to have such a thing. And this is what I want to talk about.

Please, PLEASE, please - somebody stop them. Force them to ground that damn machine.

There is basically never any news worth flying around in a helicopter to cover (and should there be, I recommend renting one on that day!), yet that bloody TV2 News helicopter is constantly flying around Copenhagen. It's f*#king noisy and annoying. It sounds like a lawnmower drowning on endlessly and loudly - which, I don't need to point out, is kind of irritating.

And yet in spite of all the noise, there's no news to actually cover. So what the hell are they doing all day in that thing!!?

Somebody, PLEASE stop them. I know I can't be the only one to feel this way.

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