Cameras, computers, cakes and cold...and even danish money - Episode #41 of is up!

Episode #41 of is up - covering such topics as danish pastry, jobs in Denmark, buying a computer, and much more. It's been a hectic couple weeks putting together episodes owing to the travel plans of our team., and hopefully this is the last episode for a while that we will have to freeze our asses off to make!

Episode #41 - from MyDenmarkTV on Vimeo.

Pretty much anyone who has spent time in Denmark knows is a great site for buying a computer or other hardware and software. It's also a great place to find a camera or video - I've purchased no less than 3 cameras shopping through over the years, and loads of random computer supplies like external hard drives, memory cards, usb cables, and much more. Unlike many countries, as a business or individual, its very difficult to hide (consider that whenever you move, your bank is automatically informed of your address), meaning that even buying stuff online from obscure small shops with an address in another part of the country is fairly safe - they don't really have anywhere to run, which pretty much ensures good service. I've never had any problems buying stuff online.

As for perhaps the best bakery chain in Copenhagen. I hope to interview the CEO of  Lagkagehuset in a future episode, as I think they have a great story to tell - after all, this is one of the relatively few businesses in Denmark that has succeeded in expanding - dramatically expanding - during what for many are tough economic times. We shall see.

Arken, the museum Julie talks about, is a great museum placed in an unfortunate location. It really is a wonderful piece of architecture and they have some fantastic exhibitions out there - but it's not the easiest place to get to from Copenhagen (you have to take the s-train, then either walk or take a bus). 

I'm looking forward to our next episode, which is a special one indeed. I'll write a bit about once we are done filming this weekend.

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  1. Definitely enjoying you vimeo postings. Very creative and interesting way to capture your traveling audience.

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