A great video of Nørrebro, Copenhagen

One of my favourite areas in Copenhagen is, of course, Nørrebro. This video embedded below, produced by Wonderful Copenhagen (the official tourist agency of Copenhagen), is actually an excellent representation of the Inner Nørrebro area.

With my partners at MyDenmarkTV, we recently had a very informative meeting with the film production unit of Wonderful Copenhagen, to see if there were area in which we could co-operate together in the future. Wonderful Copenhagen has an impressive film and production unit, with the capacity to produce the highest-calibre productions. I would say the only limitation they face in terms of film and video production, is that they are obliged to produce infomercial-like productions, rather than personality-driven shows and clips. The problem is when producing in this 'infomercial' manner, it can be tricky to create a nuanced balance between real-life and propaganda, though I have to say that many of the videos I have seen by Wonderful Copenhagen do a pretty good job of striking the fair balance, and end up being fascinating.

This video about Nørrebro provides quite a realistic glimpse into the area.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi there, I love Nørrebro. I was there last year. If you want to see a lot of photes from there, then see this web site. It's a grate site. The adress is www.cph-visual.com


    That is such a sweet portrait of my Norrebro. I love this part of Copenhagen the most, and right now I am inspired to jump on my bike and say hello to the Assistens Graveyard. :-) Sandra

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