Copenhagen as it should be seen

If all 'adverts' were this beautiful (and all cities were this cycling-obsessed), well, the world would be a better place, there's no doubt about that. This one was made by Mikael Corvill-Andersen, who is also behind the masterful Copenhagen Cycle Chic site.

Should you find yourself entranced by the Copenhagen presented through the lens of this addictively compelling video (as I am...and I already live here!), let me tell you, aside from the risk you may suddenly be overcome by the urge to book a ticket here for a weekend or longer (do it...if you don't already live here), well, at the very least you may find yourself spending an extended period of time trolling through the archives of Mikael's blog, which really deserves all the praise it has already garnered and much more. You've been warned.

Copenhagen. Life. Cycle. by Biomega from Copenhagenize on Vimeo.

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