Is travel to Denmark in your future? Here's the best way to book a hotel in Copenhagen

If your future will involve travel to Denmark, here's one suggestion that will ensure you a good night of sleep. If you are booking a hotel in Copenhagen, or elsewhere in Denmark, I recommend using I will explain in some detail exactly why this is, and why I am recommending the services provided by this website - even though this site is not the market leader.

Why use
If a hotel booking site can change your life, than this one has done so for me. It's a site I discovered about 2 years ago, and I have become more and more convinced that if you are looking for a consistent, high quality booking site that ensures you get excellent prices, and gives you the best information about all options available, then this is the site for you.

I've personally used to plan trips and book hotels and apartments in a number of cities around the world, including: Copenhagen and elsewhere in Denmark, a number of cities in France, New York, Canada (Toronto, Montreal), Latvia (Riga), Lithuania (Vilnius), and several others. I've even booked hotels within an hour of arriving, and my reservation has always been right there waiting for me.

Here's what I like about the site (besides the consistently great prices):

Extremely user-friendly
First and foremost, it is the most user-friendly booking site I have found out there. The quality and detail of information whenever you make a search is top notch. You'll get a complete list of all room types available in every hotel, fully priced with all pertinent details up front in the search results.

An unparalleled guest rating system
Aside from the detailed information about all types of rooms available (which is often lacking in other hotel booking sites), it is the quality and quantity of guest reviews system that sets apart. This is second-to-none system when compared to other hotel reservation website.
Because sends an email request to anyone who has booked accommodation a couple days after the end of the trip, asking them to rate the hotels they booked. This includes giving written comments and giving a numerical rating for a number of categories (Staff, services, cleanliness, comfort, location, value for money). Hence, the site has accumulated a depth and quantity of detailed reviews that I have never found anywhere else.

Thus, every hotel has an overall rating based on a 1-10 scale, plus for every single hotel you get an in-depth snapshot of the hotels strengths and weaknesses based on the ratings guests give in each category. This is a fantastic feature, because depending upon your trip, some features are more important than others. For example, sometimes location really isn't important - especially if you need a hotel in a specific area and not necessarily a tourist area.

On top of this, the ratings are broken down by type of reviewer, including: young couples, families with young children, people with friends, solo travelers, mature couples and families with older children. Again, this has impacted my booking decisions on more than one occasion, since I have a young daughter who I am often traveling with.

You clearly see how many reviews each hotel has received, and you can read every one of them. So you know exactly what the rating the hotel has received is based on. If you don't want to risk a hotel with only a couple reviews, no problem, just pick one that has a higher number.

Specify exactly what you desire!
If you wish to refine your search, is heads above the competition. Want a jacuzzi or spa?  Insist on having a pool? Are you looking for a family room? Whatever your demaind, simply check the appropriate boxes which appear beside the search results and the matching results appear. Again, this is a feature I have made liberal use of.

You can also specify how close to the center of your desired destination the hotel should be, helping you avoid inconveniently located hotels.

Need to cancel your reservation? No problem!
The site's fantastically easy-to-use reservation cancellation system is something I've had to take advantage of on a number of occasions, so I can attest to how efficient it is.

When you make your booking, you'll receive an email with all details of how to modify or cancel your reservation, including the terms of the reservation clearly and prominently specified. So you will know exactly when you need to cancel your reservation to receive a full refund (typically 48 hours before the arrival time on the date of arrival). You can cancel your reservation in a couple clicks, and you'll receive an email confirmation of your cancellation. It's seriously simple - and it's not always this easy when using other booking sites.

And a map to get there....
You can also easily click and download or print a map with directions of how to get to any of the hotels, which saves a few clicks over to google to do the same job. 

And one final reason to use
By clicking on this link you'll be supporting The Copenhagen Report - it won't cost you anything extra, but I'll get a small royalty based on your booking. There are booking sites that have much higher royalty programs (for example,, but I've tried these sites and I really don't like them as much. And I always recommend the services that I use myself am very pleased with - and this is one of them.

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  1. Ah Tim..........I am in disagreeance with your post. The best way to book accomodations in Denmark is to call Tim and stay at Chez Anderson.....I hear they have greate prices there!

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