9 of the best (and a couple extras)?

Normally the start of the new year is a good time for a retrospective...but since that didn't quite happen, hey, better late than never.

So here's a little quick hit list of 9 posts from the 3 years - chosen because of their popularity - and the fact that they were some of my favourites to write.

1. Introducing the Danish citizenship test
2. Closing time in Copenhagen (Part 1)
3. Closing time in Copenhagen (Part 3) - To feel or not to feel
4. A late night threesome on Vesterbrogade
5. A problem of integration (and a modest proposal)
6. The sound of the popping bubble: A bit about psychology and Copenhagen's housing market
7. A stroll down Istegade (Part 1)
8. A stroll down Istegade (Part 2): Istegade the Hipster (and Istegade the Kitsch)
9. On a sunny Sunday in Copenhagen

...and a couple extras I quite like as well:

Square boxes then and now

The varied faces of Christiania

Hope you like them too!

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