When a (Copenhagen) blogger quits...

Sometimes you don't realise how much you have appreciated something until it's pulled out from under your feet. On Sunday, Sabine over at Oh - Those Danes...! announced she was stopping her excellent blog. Now that is not only a shame, but a real loss for those seeking an (English) window into Denmark. Hopefully she decides to leave her extensive archive of posts online, as they are a real treasure-trove.

For Sabine has been a truly prolific blogger on the subject of Denmark and the Danes.

I would describe her approach to blogging as rigorous (far more rigorous than mine) - rarely did has a day passed in the past couple years without a post from her (or an explanation for why there wouldn't be one). She never failed to find something insightful, pithy, amusing or clever to attach to one given issue or other - in succinct and reasoned posts. And rarely has she missed tackling the big issue of the day in Denmark, whatever it was.

Rarely have I found myself disagreeing with her, though frequently did I find myself looking upon one issue or another from an angle I hadn't previously considered, thanks to her comments.

For it is exploring issues and viewpoints that Sabine has been interested in, above all else. Issues and viewpoints of all kinds. I've never met her personally in my travels, though I've always hoped our paths would cross eventually.

I'm sure her decision to quit wasn't made in haste, but it's still a shame. Who knows, maybe she'll miss the glorious life of a blogger and return in a blaze of glory, like a retired rock band coaxed back by the memories of the riotous cheer of their fans.

So Sabine, here's my considered suggestion: what about starting a new blog entitled Once a week from Denmark. Just one post a week...I know you could spin that off with your eyes closed!

All the best to you!

3 Response to "When a (Copenhagen) blogger quits..."

  1. Sabine says:


    I am touched. Really, I am.

    Thank you.

    Same feelings from me - although I just checked this morning and there's a new post!

    Blob says:

    Terribly, terribly sad. I moved to Denmark 10 months ago and found Sabine's blog 2 months ago. I can't tell you the depth of insight with which I felt gifted. I was so gutted, yesterday to see that (I'm sure for excellent reasons) she is ending one of the finest English-speaking blogs on Denmark. Really am considering starting one myself, though I doubt whether it could ever be blessed with the wit and perception of hers. Good luck to her...and at least there's still Tim!

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