Too much to choose from during Natfilm Festival 2008

The annual Copenhagen nightfilm festival is back - having started last Friday. The Natfilm Festival is a fantastic 10 days of lesser-known films from around the world and it's another outstanding line-up this year. A quick skim through the program turns up a plenty of choice not a lot of time - with most films only showing a couple times and around 25 to 30 films showing each day around town, it's just not possible to see everything you might wish to.

the old-school charm of Posthus Teatret

One thing that is always great, is the chance to watch films in smaller theater's that one doesn't always frequent - for example, Husets Biograf, (or my personal favourite) the tiny family-run Posthus Teatret (entrance pictured), which is down in the center of town and only open on special occasions. It's a one room theater that hasn't changed much in 35 years. What it misses in modern comforts, it more than makes up for in charm - which it simply oozes. Nothing better than grabbing a beer or glass of wine at the bar, taking 3 steps over to your (padded wooden) seat
(or if you're quick, grab one of the front row couches...), then settling in for the show.

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