Bikes and (sleeping) babies...

'I'm dreaming in the rain, yes dreaming in the rain...'

Of all things that could said to be 'Danish' (of which there are a fair number), perhaps there is none moreso than the belief that babies and young children should take their naps outdoors during the day. Yes, that means 12 months per year. It also means rain or shine. The odd thing is that I've live in the country long enough to begin to feel that it makes a certain amount of sense - though in all honestly I can't really explain why, it just kind of does after a while.

The procedure goes like this: bundle baby up, put baby in carriage out back somewhere - either by an open window or close to the door, but generally (these days) with one of those 'baby transmitters' that let's you know when the baby starts making noise. In bad weather cover the carriage up.

So heading out to work the other day, a little over an hour later than usual (big work party the previous evening, creating the need for an extra hour of sleep), I was amused to discover that there was not one, but in fact two quietly sleeping babies amongst the bicycle farm in our large common garden back garden (see picture below), one that is shared by some approximately 60 apartments. Apparently I'm too early leaving the apartment in the morning to witness this (popular) nap time in our yard on most 'normal' days.

Baby number 2 in the background - he was, in fact, just waking up as I was leaving...

2 Response to "Bikes and (sleeping) babies..."

  1. Isn't that the funniest thing? Although, like you, I've come to accept it as normal. When I first arrived, I suddenly got a bit worried noticing a baby out in the back area of the flats in a pram with no one around. It was a freezing day. I kept watch from my window (no, I'm not the neighbourhood busy-body) and finally saw a well-dressed mother come out to check the pram - and then go back inside.

    Now I'm quite used to seeing prams left outside shops, in yards, on balconies but it certainly is very Danish!

    it's make sense - it's all about the fresh air - doen't matter it's raining or not - i am sure that's do good to everyone - dont't nap on your sofa in front of tv at afternoons...

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