This is not a real estate prospectus...

If you are familiar with Copenhagen, you may recognise that there is something notable in this picture. It's taken coming down towards the Amerikakaj/Dampfærgevej area of the city (where the Oslo ferry arrives shortly after 9 each morning, and departs at 5pm sharp every afternoon).

You see, there are relatively few buildings in Copenhagen - residential or commercial - that exceed 5-6 stories in height. Sure they do exist, but in comparison to most major cities there just aren't that many. This is one of them - it's a brand new development I think it's worth singling out for some attention for it's excellent architectural design.

While industrial and commercial architecture in Copenhagen all too often leaves something to be desired, the same cannot always be said of residential construction projects, of which there have been a few of note over the past years. On my way to and from work every day, I pass by this one - it's actually two buildings. Unfortunately, the location and surroundings leave much to be desired, since it is situated by a very major traffic artery filled with noisy rigs and large trucks. On the other hand, if you have one of the upper floor apartments in the high rise building, it comes with a great view of the channel.

Nonetheless, fantastic design in my humble opinion.

Complete with balconies - all too rare in Copenhagen, though they have been dramatically increasing in popularity in recent years, with plenty being added to existing old (often very old) buildings every year.

The area of Dampfærgevej/Parkhusvej/Amerika Plads is largely a commercial area, with lots of offices, but in the past few years a number of new apartment buildings have sprung up. If you like being close to the city, but are fine with having few of the normal amendments just outside your door that typically come with urban living - such as a variety of interesting shops, restaurants and cafes (not to mention people), it's an area worth considering. It's not quite for me, though it's quite a nice area in which to work, I can tell you.

And with the real estate market around Copenhagen (and much of the rest of Denmark) having hit the skids, there are plenty of units still available if you like what you see...and you could probably swing a great deal for one, the way things are going.

no shortage of for sale signs...

2 Response to "This is not a real estate prospectus..."

  1. Anonymous says:

    I live in the neighborhood around this place.. I can't for the life of me figure out why people are buying apartments in this building... The tower part is quite impressive, but the apartments there are the MOST expensive in all of Denmark on a square meter basis. The other part of the building is even more baffling to me. It is RIGHT next to a giant road with very heavy traffic, and then railroad tracks just beyond that. The units don't ave a waterfront views , but they priced as if they are on it.

    Tim says:

    I totally agree with you! It's a fantasic building in the silliest location and totally overpriced (or at least the asking price is - I suspect they will be selling for much cheaper sooner or later). I'd call it 'sucker' pricing - if you are a sucker enough to believe you are living by the seaside (and pay for it) then you deserve to be ripped off. What is the point of having such great balconies on the road side with all that heavy traffic? It's great architecture, but I have no idea who got the idea to build it in that location (and even less idea who was crazy enough to buy apartments there)!

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